Quiz page 1 (also see Quiz Page 2 or Quiz page 3)

Use this page to test your skill at reading the scales on various weather instruments. Remember to check what each mark represents. Does it go up in ones, twos, fives, tens or hundreds? Click on the answer which you think is correct. You will soon find out if you are right! If not read the suggestion and try again.

Reading the Rain Gauge

This rain gauge has a scale which goes up in ones. There are numbers every 5mm. Notice how the wider the container the closer the lines are together. If you need more information go to the precipitation page.


Reading the Barometer

This needs a lot of concentration. Check which scale is the Millibars (or Hectopascals) - here it is the inside scale. This scale goes up in ones, with a numeral every 10 millibars. Read the black needle, not the brass one which helps you to see if the air pressure has gone up or down. If you need more information go to the air pressure page.